Friday, February 13, 2009

Fuck my life.

Nu am somnic. Si ma bucur ca nu am somnic pentru ca la ora asta rad. Minel mi-a dat siteul asta.
E un fel de vdc al nostru, dar mult mai funny. Va dau eu in avans cateva care mi-au placut:

" Today, I listened to my room mate having sex from 3 A.M. until 6 A.M. When I looked over at my girlfriend, who must have thought I was sleeping, I noticed she was masturbating. FML "

" Today, I took my friend to buy a pregancy test. She took it and it came out negative. I decided to re-pee on it to be turned to positive. FML "

" Today, while copying some stuff for school, I felt someone rubbing her boobs against my back. I got a boner and when I looked to see who the hot chick was, I saw my fat friend rubbing his man boobs against my back. FML "

" Today, I was at the airport trying to help a man get to the right terminal. When he finished he turned to tell me "Don't worry, your English is pretty good, considering you're not American". English is my only language. FML "

" Today, my mom and I were looking at pictures from the beach. She goes, "That is a REALLY ugly picture of Michelle" (my cousin). The picture was of me. FML "

" Today, my crush talked to me for the first time. He told me to stop staring. FML "

" Today, while my 4 year old nephew was hugging me, he stepped back and declared, "Auntie, my Pee-do is hard, but it will go away." FML

" Today, I tried helping an old lady with her groceries. When I asked if she needed help she smiled. When I took one of her bags she yelled. I didn't know she was deaf. FML "

" Today, my girlfriend caught me picking my nose and eating the booger. FML "

Si gata, ca deja e prea mult! Fuck my life !! :))


eu,vreo problema? said...

makr de-ar fi toate reale si nu inventii,k foarte multe se intampla "today":)))

dooda said...

mie imi place sa cred ca sunt adevarate :D

eu reloaded said...

mie imi place sa ma cred uneori zeu:D desi,stiu k nu sunt:))) ai inteles tu ideea:P

dooda said...

tu esti alizeu, nu zeu. credeam ca am stabilit asta deja :))

eu reloaded + suparat bonus :) said...

cu alte cuvinte m-ai facut un vant:))) mersi mult:))

dooda said...

ti-am explicat cum e cu alizeul, asa ca taci :))

champs "alysees" said...

bine sunt vant,iar tu esti pasarea numita vanturelul rosu a.k.a. fute vantul :>:>:>

dooda said...

pasarea isi ia zborul, vantule. o dai in porno deja >:P :P